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High Resonance Healing Words

Events & Workshops

Lectures, wellness retreats and workshops for corporate events, groups and individuals seeking something more in Costa Rica.

Discover EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques

Discover Tapping

Tapping, also known as EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) is a gentle but effective healing & energy balancing technique which can easily be learned by everybody. Read more...

Stress Buster

Change the quality of your life for better and forever! Weed out the root cause of your stress and transform it into an asset, restore balance to your life to access new levels of creative energy and inner peace. Read more...

Chakras - Art Therapy Mandala & Chakras


Understanding the role of your chakras and tuning-in these power centers could be the key to creating the life you’ve always wanted: An explanation of the chakras, and their role in understanding your body. Read more...

Janine Doing Yoga With a Client - Yoga of Self Love

Yoga of Self Love

In this gentle inter-active workshop, you learn to move within your own sacred space; to quiet your mind; to free up your heart; to receive guidance and unleash unlimited healing power. Read more...

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