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Tapping into Wealth

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Tapping into Wealth - Corporate Programs

Employee health, wellness and productivity are the core business strategies of highly successful companies. Our goal is to work with companies to help them develop and manage Health and Productivity Management (HPM) strategies and initiatives for increased employee health and augmented short and long-term corporate profitability.

Work brings together people of different characters and behavior, and this often causes friction, resentment and stress. This is why most people eagerly wait for their vacation. Their vacation provides them a way to get out of their daily life and find some peace. The good news is that you do not have to wait for your vacation. You can learn to gain inner peace and enjoy every moment, right where you are. You can experience peace of mind and happiness wherever you are. When your mind is peaceful, your whole environment can become peaceful. Inner peace quiets the mind, and when times are difficult it can allow us to have more courage to experience what life sends our way.

Employee wellness programs are the key to reduced healthcare costs and increased corporate profits. Let us show you how!

1. Stress Buster program

Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach, TIW

Stress costs businesses money every year. Stress creates pain in your organization. Stress creates crisis situations in the work place
This is a 2-hour experiential lecture, with a power presentation, in wich everyone will understand, feel and learn how to switch-off-stress!

This program provides a full understanding of the cause and the effects of stress and it’s most important solution and is adapted to whatever selected group in your organization.

Most of us live busy lives and have to multi-task. Our minds and bodies are always running a mile a minute trying to ensure we meet all the demands in our lives. All this stress leaves us exhausted and wondering how to navigate our lives in a way that allows us to feel more at peace and in harmony.

The tools we offer are simple and practical yet powerful and efficient to help diminish stress and sickness. They enhance concentration, productivity and general well-being. They are based on a 6000 year old Yoga science and also highly recognized in modern Energy Medicine.

Corporate Reboot


  • A 30-minute assessment call about your needs and about how everyone will understand, feel and learn how to switch-off-stress in a most practical way!
  • A 2-hour experiential lecture/workshop covering the following: What is the real cause of stress? How is stress affecting your life? What is the most important tool to switch-off-stress? How to apply this tool in daily life and create Peace of Mind?
  • Practical applications of breathing and stretching techniques.
  • Mini-series of easy chair/desk adapted to the work place or the home.
  • A 3- minute“ De-stress” break in lieu of the typical coffee break to release tension (audio)
  • A short Energy Medicine routine for maintaining a strong immune system and release excess stress.

2. Coaching program

Are you “distressed” with your level of success?
Are you “dissatisfied” with your financial situation?
Are you “disheartened” with your lack of joy in life?

This 6-week Tapping into Wealth coaching program is a GOLDEN KEY to open a door to a new relationship with money!

It is designed to get you out of your financial glass ceiling or crisis and substantially improve your financial power!

This 6-week TIW coaching program will:

  • Explore your emotional Money wiring which holds you back
  • Dive-in your Money limiting beliefs and blocks which keep you stuck
  • Transform your early Money paradigm which sabotages your actions

Contact us for a 30-minute Strategy session call to determine your needs and our compatibility!


Six weekly 1-hour sessions, in person or via Skype
TIW Processes such as: Money Map, Hidden Agenda, Financial Traumas, Goal Trauma, Setting Outrageous Goals

3. Discover Tapping

Learn how to use this fabulous Tapping technique to resolve lack of interest, low performance, animosity between people and sick leave which undermine the productivity of your business.


  • A 2-hour experiential lecture/workshop covering the following: What is Tapping? How Tapping can help your personal and profesional life? How Tapping can switch-off-stress? How to apply Tapping in your daily life?