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About Janine Fafard

Janine doing Yoga on the Beach

Who is Janine?


Janine Fafard
  • My motto: Relaxation leads to Transformation!
  • My mission: Open doors within and change lives! Hold a safe space for you to Plug-in your unlimited source of Power and Unleash your unlimited Potential!
  • My vision: Creating Peace in your heart to help create Peace in the World!

From early childhood I “chose the road less traveled”. Being the youngest of a large family in a remote northern village of Quebec, I grew up feeling ignored, invisible, insignificant, and mostly disconnected from my family. A shocking event at 4 years old created a disconnection from God sending me on a never-ending search for the Divine! Books, nature and imagination became my survival tools. I developed a fascination for Time, Space, Fairy Tales, Science, Science-Fiction and Spirituality; and devoured everything available on these subjects.

My true essence was innocent, intelligent and intrepid; and my adventurous-self wanted to be an astronaut. This dream to explore outer space was inaccessible. After spending years in traveling our earthly planet, I turned my attention to inner space and started navigating uncharted territories from a non-academic point of view. Many amazing teachers/seers were put on my path. My passion was set on fire and still is today!

My expertise in relaxing people’s tension through my teaching voice; my unfaltering authority in seeing past the personality and connecting people to their own soul comes from my own yearning to be heard, to be seen and to be connected to the divine! The quote below comes from my own personal experience.

"Where your greatest fear lies,
your greatest talent hides!"

I have lived in Costa Rica for the past 25 years. I have combined my tourism industry experience with studying, practicing and teaching yoga & energy psychology. While being an eternal student, I am a Certified Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 1989, a Certified Yoga of the Heart Teacher and a Certified EFT practitioner.

In 1991, I designed an inner therapeutic yoga practice entitled Soul Surrender Healing and have been facilitating this amazingly fast and unique self-healing journey to thousands of people, locally and internationally!

In addition to teaching regular yoga classes and leading workshops, my commitment to community service pushed me to organize multiple healing arts lectures, events & journeys for many people visiting Costa Rica. I have taught in various Central American countries, Canada, United States, Mexico and Italy.


Janine has been a member of KYAA since 1992, of ANH, of ACEP, of ISSSEEM since 2005 where she presented in 2008, 2010 and 2011.

More About Janine

Books and CDs coming soon:
Ruta Alterna de Ida y Vuelta: Listen to two relaxation CD’s while driving through long hours of traffic. They have been produced in Spanish for Roche-Vida and given to doctors in Mexico City.
Healing is Finding Your Heart: A CD for anyone going through an illness.
Soul Surrender Healing: A book relating my 20-year journey into accessing the soul through cellular memory and its healing properties.

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