Janine Fafard

Soul Mentor

‘Where your greatest fear lies, your greatest talent hides!”

I live in Costa Rica for the past 26 years. I have combined my tourism industry experience with studying, practicing and teaching yoga & energy psychology. While being an eternal student, I am a Certified Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 1989, a Certified Yoga of the Heart Teacher and a Certified EFT practitioner.

In 1991, I designed an inner therapeutic yoga practice entitle Tapping into Soul (originally called Soul Surrender Healing), and have been facilitating this amazingly fast and unique self-healing journey to thousands of people, locally and internationally! 

In addition to facilitate private sessions (in person or via internet); leading workshops and Circles of Women; giving lectures and still teaching a few yoga classes, my commitment to community service pushed me to organize multiple healing arts lectures, events & journeys for many people visiting Costa Rica. I have taught in various Central American countries, Canada, United States, Mexico and Italy.

My latest endeavors are writing a book on my self-healing process and creating a virtual Tapping into Soul training.