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Buddha & Lotus Flower

Tapping into Soul

Stress is recognized as the main cause of all sicknesses. To find and eliminate the cause of stress, one has to get to the level of the soul: the key to all forms of healing!

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Relax at Work

Tapping into Wealth

Is stress costing your business money?
Our workshops provide a full understanding of the cause and the effects of stress and it’s most important solution to shift stress into an asset!

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High Resonance Healing Words

Events & Workshops

Restore balance to your life to access new levels of creative energy and inner peace. Our events and workshops are accessible to all people and easily adapted to special groups.

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Are you DROWNING in an ocean of STRESS?
Do you feel TOSSED around by life?
Are you in NEED of a LIFEBUOY?

Do you need to make a change?

If you check more than one of the following, you should give us a call today!

  • Are you experiencing work stress?
  • Are you missing the balance in your life?
  • Do you feel disconnected and discouraged?
  • Do you feel out of control and a loss of direction?
  • Do you feel like a failure and need to re-affirm your self worth?
  • Have you lost your purpose or passion in life?
  • Are you living in fear and long to find peace of mind?

What is stress really?

It is a Fight or Flight response, to which we should add the Freeze or Fake response, from our Sympathetic System and which stays switched ON too long instead of switching OFF when a trigger is over. Unfortunately our brain doesn’t make the difference between a false belief and a real threat and it triggers the stress response. Until the false belief gets dislodged, the switch is ON and the stress hormones flood our body!

It is quite known that stress is the main cause of all diseases and that it stems from toxic emotional stress levels. Most of us live busy lives and have to multi-task. Our minds and bodies are always running a mile a minute trying to ensure we meet all the demands in our lives. All this stress leaves us exhausted and wondering how to navigate our lives in a way that allows us to feel more at peace and in harmony.

About Stressful to Soulful


Stressful to Soulful is a soul-inspired enterprise dedicated to support people, organizations, and communities in switching-off stress; releasing fearful beliefs; freeing full potential and unleashing creativity by plugging-in the true source of power.

No need for more statistics or more theoretical lectures on stress. You are aware how much disruption and destruction stress is creating in your life and in the life of your loved ones. You know all the symptoms and you also know how some more sleep or some more distractions or some more vacation is never really solving the problem.

The Sea
  • Why is it so?
  • What if in truth there is a simple solution to your stress?
  • What if you can get to the root of this problem?
  • What if that root lies in your subconscious mind, which runs 95% of your life, and not in any external circumstances?

The answer to transform your stress becomes obvious: DIVE IN your subconscious!

How can you do that?

Your body, the temple of your soul, has extraordinary wisdom. No wonder internationally renowned Deepak Chopra has named “Listening to your body’s wisdom” as the first key to master your life! By accessing your body’s wisdom through the Witness Consciousness or Soul Intelligence, you learn how to delete emotional-mental clutter and be in the flow, in the present moment, without unhealthy stress.

Fear is the one and only culprit to your separation with your authentic self. FEAR makes you forget Who You Are. SOUL reminds you Who You Are! Soul knows the truth, knows what you need, and knows what are your Passion, Purpose and Power.

Why would you join a Stressful to Soulful programs?

Our programs provide a full understanding of the cause and the effects of stress and it’s most important practical solution. It is adapted to either one person or a selected group in an organization. The tools we offer are simple and practical yet powerful and efficient to help diminish stress and sickness. They enhance concentration, productivity and general well-being. They are based on a 6000 year old Yoga science and also highly recognized in modern Energy Medicine.

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