Stressful to Soulful

“You are stressed when you are in battle with your own Soul.”


Soul has no limit

“Your body is the temple of your Soul, you simply need to open the doors within.”

Stressful to Soulful is a soul-inspired enterprise dedicated to support people, organizations, and communities in switching-off stress; releasing fearful beliefs; freeing full potential and unleashing creativity by plugging-in the true source of power.

‘Where your greatest fear lies, your greatest talent hides!”

I live in Costa Rica for the past 26 years. I have combined my tourism industry experience with studying, practicing and teaching yoga & energy psychology. While being an eternal student, I am a Certified Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 1989, a Certified Yoga of the Heart Teacher and a Certified EFT practitioner.

 In 1991, I designed an inner therapeutic yoga practice entitle Tapping into Soul (originally called Soul Surrender Healing), and have been facilitating this amazingly fast and unique self-healing journey to thousands of people, locally and internationally! 

In addition to facilitate private sessions (in person or via internet); leading workshops and Circles of Women; giving lectures and still teaching a few yoga classes, my commitment to community service pushed me to organize multiple healing arts lectures, events & journeys for many people visiting Costa Rica. I have taught in various Central American countries, Canada, United States, Mexico and Italy.

My latest endeavors are writing a book on my self-healing process and creating a virtual Tapping into Soul training.



Soulsearch Sessions

"Know Thyself" as Self-Love is the greatest healer¨

Tapping Workshops

¨Freedom from all sort of ailments at the tip of your fingers!¨

Womens Circle

A 6-week program: Yoga of Being to raise your vibration and shift consciousness.

Stressful to Soulful Talks

Soul intelligence is the new paradigm for a conscious entrepreneur.



“Thank you so much Janine for sharing your knowledge. Knowing you changed my life. Each time I see you, talk to you, it is as if a veil is lifting and all become so clear. You guided me so skillfully into myself that I will be eternally grateful for your wonderful gift.”

Celina Torres

Yoga Teacher

“I am so grateful to the Universe for having received your help, your guidance and your light in each of our session. My life is so much better now and my understanding also. May God keep blessing you so you can keep enlightening many more.”

Sigris G.M


Video and Media

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Tapping into soul!


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Release tension: Kaya Kriya + Focus belly breathing in chakras

Look No Further. Shift from fear to freedom – come back home: to your Soul.